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Carol Kaye

This site is dedicated to Carol Kaye, one of the greatest bassist of all time.

We've all acknowledged the importance of a bass instrument in almost all music. It may, e.g. be an electric bass, a double bass or a sousaphone. Often, when the bass instrument is present we do not even notice its existence, but when it is not there, it is immediately missed!

Here's a welcome from Carol herself:
Hi, thank-you for coming to my first real Fan Club, thanks to Willie and Jan here. I think you'll enjoy the pictures, the soundclips and the mutual forum with all the music fans who come here to discuss bass playing, musicianship in general, the hit recordings, and general music stuff. Musicians love to hang together, share a joke, share something about music discussion, and that's why I know you'll love the feeling on this website, dedicated to musician talk, have fun, and some days I'll be visiting here too and we'll have an online discussion thing going.
All my best to you, Bassically Yours, Good Vibes,
Carol Kaye

Hope you enjoy!
Carol Kaye Fan Club Management Team