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The Club History

On 22nd August 2004 a Finnish tv-company YLE aired a documentary called "The First Lady of the Bass", introducing a great musician Carol Kaye. The document aroused a great conversation on the forums of a Finnish music portal called Muusikoiden.net; many were astonished by Carol's brilliant musicianship, some felt their memories refreshed and others finally found out who played the fantastic bass lines on songs they'd always liked.. Soon it was discovered that there was a need for a fan club.

The Fan Club constitution was proposed 23rd August 2004 by Arva, our member #2. Carol gave her blessing for the project, thus starting the evolution of Carol Kaye Fan Club. The main idea was to set a club web site and make it international via internet. During those few months over 100 Finnish fans on the M.net forum joined the club. On 24th November 2004 the site was released to the public.

The club at the present moment is a "sign of a salute and respect". The club membership is closed for the time being.